Eyestrain vs. visual fatigue

tired eyesight - visual fatigue

Do you know what eyestrain is and what its symptoms are? And eye fatigue? On many occasions, eyestrain tends to be confused with eye fatigue, thinking that it refers to the same thing. However, these are two totally different visual problems.

Today, at Venice Eyewear , we are going to tell you what the differences are between both visual problems and what their symptoms are so that you can identify them.

Tired eyesight and its symptoms

Presbyopia , popularly known as eyestrain, usually appears from the age of 40-45, when you will likely begin to have difficulty reading up close . In fact, you will zoom out of the document you are trying to read to see it better since up close you will see the letters blurred.

Among the symptoms, blurred vision, heaviness in the eyes, visual fatigue or headache, among others, stand out.

Eyestrain is an eye problem that is caused by a degenerative process of the lens as a consequence of the natural aging of the eye. Although it is an irreversible problem, the truth is that in the initial stages it can be solved by using glasses, specifically reading glasses for presbyopia (sold in pharmacies and opticians). 

At Venice Eyewear we have reading glasses for presbyopia for sale online that will give you more natural vision and with less distortion of the focused image. They are available in different diopters. With health certificate issued by the Spanish Ministry of Health. Quality and satisfaction guarantee. Safe. Get informed !

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Eyestrain and its symptoms

Eye fatigue is increasingly common in society due to the increase in our exposure to digital screens: computers, mobile phones and tablets. It is not a pathology, rather it is a consequence of having put too much pressure on the eyes. In other words, it is the response of our eyes to excessive muscular effort over a long period of time .

The eye muscles, when focused closely, have to do more work, which means greater effort. Therefore, if we spend a lot of time in front of digital screens, these muscles will end up tired. Beyond exposure to digital screens, visual or eye fatigue can also appear in high or low light conditions as the eyes are forced to make greater efforts to focus.

As for symptoms, generally, the most common discomforts are heat, itching, swelling or a gritty sensation. Sometimes redness is associated as a result of rubbing the eyes to try to relieve the discomfort. You may also experience a headache or the sensation of swollen eyes. Blurred vision stands out, although it is not very common, those who suffer from it perceive the images as less clear.

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