A Valentine's gift for every day: reading glasses

It is an original gift that you will love

If you no longer know what to give,

If your partner has bags, shoes,...

If it has all kinds of accessories...and it is increasingly difficult to surprise,...... This year you will hit the nail on the head with some reading glasses!!

They last forever, or almost!

Reading glasses are used every day.

🟢That's why it's the perfect gift,


Do you know your partner's graduation? ❤️❤️

If you choose VENICE your partner will be fashionable with our latest frame designs ~ Progettato in Italy~ ³

It is a gift 🎁 that you will use every day and will last for years

We have the largest collection of frames designed in Italy for all tastes, from the most classic to the most daring.

From the lightest and most resistant ones made of Tr90 (material used in aeronautics)

We have vintage frames that reinvent the classic styles of the 60s

Flexible frames with versatile models for everyday life and more daring frames.

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They will protect your partner's sight
Our glasses with Blue Control protect your retina 👁️ from the blue light emissions emitted by screens and mobile phones



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▀Think that you will not only be giving a fashion accessory,

Glasses are used every day.


▀That's why it is a perfect gift,


▀Earrings or bag are constantly changed

depending on the look of that day but the glasses are not


▀They are a useful complement and are used longer.

Remember that you will always remember the day when

you gave him some glasses.

³With Control and Certification of the Ministry of Health