Tips for choosing the glasses that best suit you

tips for choosing sunglasses

Do you want to add some new sunglasses to your collection? Do you need to buy sunglasses and are you looking for the model that best suits you? Are you going to give glasses and want them to be perfect? Both sunglasses and prescription glasses have the main objective of taking care of our eye health, although we cannot leave aside the aesthetic aspect. Thanks to the wide range of designs that exist, you will be able to find the model that best suits you depending on the shape of your face or the color of your hair and eyes.

The first step will be to choose the glasses you need, that is, reading glasses (presbyopia) or Venice sunglasses . The second thing will be to take into account the lifestyle you have. This refers to whether you like classic frames more or, on the contrary, you prefer a trendy frame. Also if you want them to be more striking or simpler. And, thirdly, don't forget to take into account when you are going to use them. For example, perhaps you prefer to have reading glasses with a more elegant, modern and beautiful design to carry in your bag. Or, in the case of sunglasses, if it is for daily use or for sports.

To help you select the glasses that best suit you, at Venice Eyewear we are going to give you some basic tips to choose the right frame according to the shape of your face.

Glasses frame according to face shape

  • Square face . Slightly curved, oval frames that do not exceed the width of the face. Above all, avoid square, angled or rectangular glasses. Preferably opt for very thin acetate metal frames.
  • Round face . Go for elongated frames with straight lines, that is, square or rectangular. They will create the effect of lengthening the face vertically. On the other hand, if you want to accentuate the round shape of the face, opt for small or butterfly-shaped frames.
  • Long face . Slightly curved and oval ones that cover most of the center of the face are recommended. Thick pastes and dark colors are also very flattering for those with long faces.
  • Triangular face . Go for frames slightly curved at the sides! You can also choose them with vertical lines as they will help balance the narrowness of the chin area. It is recommended not to choose large frames.
  • Oval face . !! Congratulations!! The shape of your face adapts without problems to most shapes, materials and colors. You can choose both classic designs and modern and geometric styles.
  • Heart shaped face. The ones that best suit heart-shaped faces are rounded and square frames with fine lines. Glasses that are wide at the top should be avoided.

Do you have doubts about which sunglasses or presbyopic glasses to choose? Contact us . We will be happy to advise you so that you can choose the model that best suits you according to the shape of your face. We will wait for you!