Reasons to opt for polarized sunglasses

polarized sunglasses

Are you looking for a new model of sunglasses for this spring-summer? Has the time come to renew your old sunglasses? At Venice Eyewear we have at your disposal the best catalog of sunglasses for both adults and children. Do not wait more! Get your Venice sunglasses, an essential element to protect our eyes from solar radiation.

When buying sunglasses online, normally, the first thing we usually look at is the design and the color or print of the frame. Beyond these factors, at Venice Eyewear we recommend purchasing sunglasses with polarized lenses. The main reason is because a sheet is added to this type of lenses that filters the sun's rays that fall in a certain direction. Thanks to this, annoying reflections will be eliminated, thus providing greater comfort and better visibility.

To understand it better, sunlight vibrates in all directions. However, when it bounces off a horizontal surface such as asphalt, snow or water, among others, that vibration increases to the point of becoming a very bright and annoying light, which is known as reflection. Thanks to the fact that polarized lenses incorporate a special filter capable of blocking reflected light, they will allow vision without reflections, as well as with more natural color and contrast.

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Benefits of polarized sunglasses

  • Perfect for driving . Because they reduce reflections from the asphalt, polarized lenses are great allies for driving, especially during spring and summer. They also help combat eye fatigue while driving, especially on long journeys. In short, you will drive in a safer and more visually comfortable way.
  • To practice sports . Polarized sunglasses are recommended for outdoor sports. Perfect for cycling, running, skiing, walking in the mountains... By eliminating the glare of the sun's rays, it will provide security and comfort.
  • Sensitivity to light . If you have high sensitivity to light, a clear iris or have recently had eye surgery, opt for polarized lenses. They are the most appropriate. They offer maximum protection while offering comfort and security.
  • Children's polarized lenses . If you have to buy sunglasses for children, opt for polarized lenses. It is the best combination of protection and superior vision. Children will have maximum eye protection from the sun.
UNIX Polarized Sunglasses

A perfect unisex model perfect for this spring-summer are the sunglasses with Polarized lenses 2022 - 100% UV400 ALON Protection . They reduce vertigo caused by light reflected by the sun and perfectly protect the eyes. The best combination of aesthetics, protection and quality. Find more polarized sunglasses at Venice Eyewear at the best prices. Get informed!