Essentials in the eye care bag

eye care bag

When we undertake a trip or are planning it, most of the time we forget about the need to always carry a small health kit with those products that we will need in case of suffering some minor setback such as a cut, a fall or a headache or muscle pain. Of course, this toiletry bag will have to include eye care products, especially for those people who use prescription glasses and contact lenses.

Whether it is a 15-day trip or a short weekend getaway, we must include a small eye care bag in our luggage. Otherwise, discomfort or problems may appear that spoil those days of rest and disconnection. For example, during the summer dry eyes are very common. To quickly relieve the discomfort caused by dry eyes, we will only need artificial tears. Therefore, it is a basic that cannot be missing in your travel bag.

What else should we carry in our eye care bag? From Venice Eyewear we tell you what you should take if you use contact lenses and prescription glasses.

Basic eye care bag

Do you use contact lenses? If you wear contact lenses in your daily life, then you should avoid including the necessary products for the care and maintenance of the contact lenses in your travel bag. If you travel by car or train, there will be no problem. However, things can change if you travel by plane. Remember to bring liquids in the appropriate size if you have carry-on luggage.

If you use contact lenses, at Venice Eyewear we recommend that you always carry replacement contact lenses when you go on vacation. Of course, don't forget your prescription glasses. Another option is to carry daily replacement contact lenses, this way you will save the space occupied by cleaning liquids and cases.

It is important to carry physiological saline , preferably in single doses, to rinse the lenses. Likewise, always carry single-dose artificial tears since contact lenses tend to dry out the eyes, a situation that can be worsened by the use of air conditioners.

Do you wear prescription glasses? If you prefer glasses to contact lenses, it is advisable to carry a spare pair of glasses in case the ones you are wearing suffer any damage. Of course, replacement prescription glasses must have an updated prescription. High-end Polarized Sunglasses Unix Transp green mirror You should carry them in their case so that the lenses do not suffer any damage. To clean them, put them under the tap and dry them with the specific microfiber cloth for lenses.

Of course, another essential in your travel bag for eye care is sunglasses . Wherever you go and whatever the season, you should always wear sunglasses to protect your eyesight from solar radiation. Young children should also wear sunglasses. In our Venice sunglasses and Venice Kids sections you will find the best sunglasses for the whole family. Discover the different designs!

Take care of your eye health when you go on vacation!