Presbyopia glasses, your solution to see up close

Presbyopic glasses

Are you finding it increasingly difficult to read up close? If you have to stretch your arm to be able to see or read objects at close range, it is time to get some presbyopic glasses . Normally, this situation will begin from the age of 40-45, when presbyopia usually appears. In other words, this is when we will start to have small problems when reading closely. Two clear examples, product labels or mobile phones. To do this, we will do the typical gesture of stretching our arm to move the object away and be able to see it better.

To understand this situation, it must be explained that presbyopia is the gradual loss of the eyes' ability to focus on objects that are at short and medium distance. Also known as eyestrain, it is a natural part of the deterioration of the eye's lens as the years go by. This is because as we age, the lens becomes more rigid and progressively reduces its ability to contract. It is unavoidable!

What is the best solution? A practical and effective solution is presbyopic or reading glasses that adapt perfectly to the eye. You will only have to select the specific degree of eyestrain to read again and see perfectly up close. At Venice Eyewear we have a wide variety of high quality presbyopic glasses.

The best presbyopic glasses in Venice

In our reading glasses section you will find progressive multifocal presbyopic glasses with aspherical lenses. All models include a cover and cord to carry them hanging. They are available in diopters 1/ 1.5/ 2/ 2.5/ 3/3.5. You can find them with modern and vibrant frames, as well as with a lighter and more formal style. Some options are:

With extendable rod and magnetic closure . Reading glasses in red that hang around your neck, making them super practical to wear when you're out and about. Plus, they are light. Ideal for tasks that require more Presbyopic glasses, your solution to see up close visual effort such as DIY, sewing, crafts... Also practical to use with your mobile phone, tablet or computer. Shock resistant.

ITALY 2022 . New model of reading glasses of the highest quality and elegance. Pearl green frame. Flat lenses allow for more natural vision and better focus of the image. In addition, it improves marginal astigmatism. Peripheral vision with higher quality.

Neck Magnet Blue . Presbyopic glasses that hang around the neck safely as they are attached with a magnet. They are comfortable and practical to work with your hands free, as well as to take them shopping or to carry out tasks at home such as sewing or DIY tasks. They provide a more natural vision.

Find more models of reading glasses, a comfortable and practical solution to presbyopia.