Presbyopic reading glasses at Venice Eyewear


Can't you see well up close? Do you have to plead the documents to be able to read them without problems? If you identify with this situation, it is very likely that you have presbyopia , also known as eyestrain. This pathology is one of the most common among the population and affects near vision. It is directly related to age. Normally, it usually appears at age 45 and occurs because the eye progressively loses flexibility. This situation stabilizes at 60-65 years of age, making it necessary to use reading glasses for near vision.

Those who suffer from presbyopia will see how their close vision becomes more blurred, which means that they will lose well-being and quality of life in their daily lives since everyday tasks such as reading or writing, among others, become really uncomfortable because they cannot see well

Therefore, if you have begun to stretch your arms to move away the documents that you need to read because that way you can see them better, at Venice Eyewear we recommend that you go to the ophthalmologist to verify that it is presbyopia and not another eye problem.

In case it is confirmed that you have eyestrain, we remind you that in our online store you will find the best reading glasses for presbyopia with aspherical lenses. They will provide you with a more natural vision and with less distortion of the focused image. You will gain quality of life!

High quality reading glasses with unique designs

At Venice Eyewear we have a wide catalog of high-quality reading glasses for presbyopia with unique designs. Totally safe for your eyesight. We have exclusive designs, fashion frames so you can choose the ones that best suit you and/or the ones you like the most. Of course, our glasses are super comfortable . They will adapt to the face without squeezing or leaving marks.

With more than 30 years of experience, our reading glasses have a health product license granted by the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products. Distributed in more than 3,000 pharmacies and opticians in Spain. Also available through our online store.

The Venice presbyopic glasses include a case and a cord so you can wear them hanging. This way you won't leave them at home. They are available in different diopters: 1-1.5-2-2.5-3-3.5.

Venice Eyewear presbyopic glasses

Black Multifocus . Glasses with multifocal lenses for presbyopia that offer three different points so you can read, work on the computer and interact with people without having to take off your glasses. It has a narrow field of vision at medium and short range. Also useful for distance vision.


Reading glasses with blue light filter . Made with TR90 material, a very new polymer used in the aeronautical industry. It provides flexibility and is shock resistant. Ultralight model. Glasses indicated for tired eyesight and also include blue light protection to protect your eyesight from digital screens, thus reducing tiredness, fatigue, headaches and even insomnia.


Multifocus Gray - Presbyopia – Progressive . Progressive multifocal reading glasses with aspherical lenses. They provide a more natural vision with less distortion of the focused image. Narrow field of view at medium and short range. Also useful for seeing from a distance. It offers three different reading points. They can be used for reading, working on the computer and serving people without having to remove them. With cover and cord.


Find more models of reading glasses in our online store. If you need help choosing the appropriate diopter, contact us . We will be happy to help you.