Exercises to improve tired eyesight

Eye exercises for tired eyesight

Between the ages of 40-45, you may begin to notice that you don't see well up close. In fact, it is very likely that you will need to extend your arm to be able to read everything from product labels to books or WhatsApp. This is because you probably have presbyopia or better known as eyestrain . It is a completely natural condition because, over the years, the eye muscles lose flexibility and there is a loss of sharpness in close-up vision.

One way to correct this situation is to start wearing reading glasses or presbyopic glasses . You will regain sharpness in close vision. Don't have to reach out anymore. In any case, as soon as you notice changes in your vision, we recommend that you go to the optician to have an exam performed. This way you will know if it is presbyopia.

One of the symptoms that will warn you that you should consult a specialist is blurred vision or difficulty focusing on objects less than one meter away. It is also an alarm signal when you have to move objects or documents away to be able to read them. You should also consult if you suffer from headaches or eye irritation.

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Beyond presbyopic glasses, there are a series of exercises that you can do to improve tired eyesight. Below, we leave you some of them.

Eye exercises for tired eyesight

  • Turn with eyelids closed . First, move your eyes by rotating them clockwise 10 times. Repeat the exercise, but in the opposite direction.
  • To blink . For 2 minutes, slowly blink your eyes open and closed every 10 seconds. Then it flashes quickly every 2 seconds. This exercise is also recommended for those who spend hours and hours in front of digital screens. Thanks to blinking, you will lubricate your eyes naturally, thus avoiding dry eyes.
  • Zig Zag . Pick up a pen and place it in front of you. Move the pencil drawing a zigzag line from right to left. Follow the line with your eyes. Repeat the exercise 10 times. You can make a vertical or horizontal zigzag.
  • Focus. You'll need to look at a nearby object for a few seconds and then slowly shift focus to something farther away.
  • Relaxation . Relax your eyes for 30 seconds by closing your eyes and placing your hands on them, but without touching them. Open your eyes and look in the dark.

These are some of the exercises that will help you improve your tired eyesight. Sign them up!