Outdoor sports Don't forget your sunglasses!

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Ready for summer! With the onset of high temperatures, it is time to start protecting yourself from the sun when we are outside. Obviously, a very important factor is sunscreen, which will create a protective barrier on our skin to prevent damage from solar radiation. To this we have to add avoiding the middle hours of the day since they are the hottest and, of course, maintaining proper hydration.

Another recommendation we give you at Venice Eyewear is to wear sunglasses. Don't leave home without them this time of year. They act as a protective barrier in our eyes, thus preventing them from being damaged by ultraviolet radiation.

If you practice sports outdoors, take your sunglasses along with your cap . They are our great allies and not only against the sun since they will also protect you from the wind while preventing dirt or small insects from getting into your eyes. Enter our online store and take a look at our Venice sunglasses . You are sure to find the perfect model for you.

Benefits of sunglasses for sports

  • Protection against the sun. Sometimes, whether it's rush or distraction, we end up doing sports without sunglasses. It is important to remember that its use is essential when playing sports, especially during the warm months. Wear your sunglasses all the time you are outside. This way, your eyes will be perfectly protected from the sun. In addition, you will avoid reflection which will provide greater comfort and safety when you do sports.
  • Ally against the wind . Especially if you go running or cycling. They are sports where you are constantly moving, which means your eyes are exposed to the air. Thanks to sunglasses, you will prevent them from drying out, or in other words, dry eyes.
  • Avoid eye injuries . In some sports, due to the material used, an accident can occur. A clear example is tennis, paddle tennis or baseball, among others. Not only do you have to worry about getting hit by a ball in the eyes, but other external agents can also enter your eyes such as pebbles, grit, dirt... In this case, sunglasses will act as a protective barrier between your eyes. and objects that are flying nearby.
  • Protection against reflections . Reflexes can be very dangerous when we play sports. It will be essential to choose polarized sunglasses that avoid reflections. In fact, they will provide you with greater comfort and well-being, as well as security.

Sport sports glasses

Sports sunglasses will protect your eyes from UV radiation, insects, road branches, dust, sand, asphalt stones or the mountain dirt itself.

If you need sports sunglasses for this summer, we have Venice Sport for you in two colors: red and gray . These glasses are specially designed for sports. They are comfortable, light and adaptable. With high-end polarized lenses. 100% UV 400 protection. Maximum visual comfort. They eliminate glare.

SPORT RED sports glasses

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