Take care of and protect your eyes with blue light blocking glasses

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

If you spend many hours in front of the computer or other electronic devices, you may end up feeling eyestrain . Additionally, you can end up suffering from dry eye syndrome .

In the case of eye fatigue, it occurs because the eyes become tired from having to maintain the same focus of vision for a long time. To this we have to add that the effort can cause heaviness and pain in the eyelids, as well as burning and itching. Regarding dry eye syndrome, it is caused by a lack of lubrication. We blink less when we are in front of digital screens.

What can be done to protect and care for eyesight when facing digital screens? At Venice Eyewear we recommend having your work and study areas well lit. It is also important to blink often, take short 20-second breaks every 20 minutes, and use filters to protect yourself from blue light.

In our online store we have blue light blocking glasses for sale, perfect for those who spend hours and hours in front of screens.

Reasons to use blue light blocking glasses

Overexposure to blue light emitted by digital devices (computers, smartphones, tablets or televisions) poses a risk to eye health. It is essential to take a series of measures in our daily lives to care for and protect our eyes. One way to do this is by using blue light blocking glasses as they offer permanent protection. If you spend hours and hours in front of digital screens, these glasses will reduce exposure to blue light, thus preventing visual fatigue, dry eye syndrome and even protecting against macular degradation.

In addition to protecting your eyes, thanks to these blocking glasses, you will increase your well-being and comfort in front of digital screens. You will be much more at ease and comfortable. You will gain quality of life! If you use prescription glasses, we inform you that the blue filter may be included in the prescription lenses.

Blue light blocking glasses are suitable for everyone, but especially for those who, due to their profession, have to spend hours and hours in front of digital screens, such as those who work in an office . They are also recommended for students who increasingly use digital screens to study. To this list we can include those who spend a lot of time playing video games . Blue blocking glasses are also recommended for them. And don't forget the children, they also spend many hours in front of the tablet whether for leisure or study.

Venice Eyewear blue light blocking glasses

Venice Eyewear glasses have a health certificate issued by the Ministry of Health, which guarantees both the quality and satisfaction of our glasses. With more than 30 years of experience, our glasses have European quality control.

Some of the models of blue light blocking glasses that you can buy online in our online store or in pharmacy are:

  • Children's glasses with protective filter . Protect your children's eyesight from blue light with this model of anti-blue-violet light glasses. They help reduce eye fatigue. Our lenses do not distort screen colors or have a yellowish tint. Available in various colors, as well as with or without graduation. Strong and flexible frame.
  • Professional blue unisex . Blue light filter glasses for adults that reduce eye strain and headaches and insomnia caused by overexposure to blue light. Includes cover and cord to be able to carry them hanging. Available in diopters: 1 - 1.5 - 2 - 2.5 - 3 - 3.5. Health Certificate issued by the Spanish Ministry of Health.
  • Reading glasses with blue light filter . If you need to use glasses for eyestrain and want to include the blue light filter to be more comfortable in front of the computer, tablet or smartphone, get this Italian model of glasses. Ideal for women. Hepburn Burgundy Design

Reading glasses with blue light filter.

Find more models of blue light blocking glasses in our online catalog. Contact us for more information .