Tips on how to care for sunglasses

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How do you take care of your sunglasses? Believe it or not, glasses are delicate items that require minimal care and maintenance to keep them looking new for a long time. We must pay attention to both the frame and the lenses, especially the latter since they are more delicate and if they are damaged, the glasses will completely lose their effectiveness.

During the summer we use our sunglasses much more since they are essential to protect our eyes from solar radiation. Furthermore, when we are on the street, we will be more comfortable and at ease. This means that we take them everywhere from the pool and the beach to the countryside, to drive, to play sports, to have a drink on the terraces...

Now comes the big question : What do you do when you take them off? How to save them? Where do you leave them? On many occasions we keep them in our bag without putting them in their protective bag or box. Other times we leave them on the towel with the danger that this implies, stepping on them. We also usually leave them on the table and they always end up on the floor.

At Venice Eyewear we want to offer you a series of super simple tips to keep your sunglasses as if they were new. Take note!

Tips to take care of your sunglasses

  • Cleaning. How many times have you cleaned your glasses with your shirt or a tissue? We all know that's not the right way. The best way to clean the lenses of your glasses is with water and dry them with the microfiber cloth that comes with them. If they are very dirty, you can put a little neutral soap on them. Dry cleaning is not recommended because if they have traces of dust or sand, there is a risk of scratching them.
  • Keep them in their case . Leaving sunglasses anywhere or putting them directly in your bag carries risks such as the lenses ending up scratched by the keys or the frames ending up with some deterioration and future breakage. In fact, if you leave them on the table, the glasses can fall and break. It is best to keep them in their case whenever they are not used.
  • Don't leave them in the sun . Obviously, glasses protect us from the sun and are designed to withstand high temperatures, but we cannot leave them directly in the sun or at high temperatures directly when we are not using them. A clear example, when you leave your sunglasses on the dashboard in the heat. This can end up deforming the frames to the point that they lose effectiveness.

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