Tips to take care of eye health in summer

summer eye care

Do you know how you have to take care of your eyes in summer to keep them healthy and free of problems? During the summer season, our skin needs extra protection against ultraviolet radiation. In this sense, sunscreen will be essential in summer. It will create a protective barrier between our skin and the sun, thus avoiding not only burning, but also preventing premature aging of the skin and more serious injuries such as skin cancer.

Another area that needs extra care during the summer is our eyes . High temperatures, solar radiation, the use of air conditioning, chlorine in the pool or sand on the beach, among others, are factors that damage our eyes. In fact, if we do not take good care of them and protect them, we may suffer from irritation, infections or dry eyes.

Sunglasses are one of our great allies to care for and protect our eyes during the summer season. They play a fundamental role in our eye health. Enter our Venice sunglasses section and find the best models to ensure maximum protection against UV radiation. High-end polarized lenses and high glare protection.

In addition to using sunglasses, at Venice Eyewear we are going to give you a series of basic, but fundamental tips to take care of your eye health in summer . Aim!

Tips to take care of your eye health in summer

  • Approved sunglasses. At Venice Eyewear we have totally safe sunglasses for adults and children for sale. They meet all the requirements demanded by the European Union and carry the CE marking. Our Venice sunglasses meet the essential requirements for health. The eyes will be protected against UV (ultraviolet) radiation.
  • Water glasses. The pool and beach season begins. It will be essential to wear goggles to protect your eyes from both chlorine and salt. This will prevent eye irritation and infections.
  • Eye hydration. This summer, have saline solution or artificial tears on hand to hydrate your eyes, thus avoiding and treating dry eyes. The use of air conditioning and the dryness of the environment due to high temperatures can negatively affect the eyes, causing dry eye syndrome.
  • Beach sand. In summer, eye irritations caused by beach sand are very common. Furthermore, as soon as we notice that feeling that something has entered our eyes, we will immediately rub our eyes, making the situation even worse. In these cases, use saline solution or warm water to wash your eyes. Don't forget sunglasses as they will prevent grit from entering.
  • If you wear contact lenses, remember to exercise extreme caution and hygiene in summer. Before putting them on or taking them off, wash your hands well. Before swimming in the pool or in the sea, remove your contact lenses. Otherwise, it will be a source of infections.

This summer, take care of your eye health and that of your family with these tips! If you are looking for sunglasses for adults or children, enter our online store and find the best protection for your eyes.